Discovered a protein that improves the mental ability of a person

Discovered a protein that improves the mental ability of a personThe discovery made by American researchers of the brain from new Jersey, opens new horizons in the creation of products that will improve human mental abilities, including memory. Scientists have found that a recently discovered protein stimulates the development of dendrites - endings of nerve cells and promotes the contact of these cells with each other. Activity open in 1999 protein saipina in the brain has been established only recently. In the study, which was carried out by specialists of Rutgers University, it was shown that in neurons of the hippocampus, which plays an important role in memory processes, saipin stimulates the growth of dendrites and the organization of connections between nerve cells. Scientists say that by opening up the opportunity to create a drug that will mimic the action saipina on the brain, or, at least, amplify it, and will help to deal with memory disorders. "Detection saipina and opening mechanism of his work opens new perspectives in the treatment of severe neurological diseases," said the author is Professor Bonnie Firestein. Читать полностью -->

Woman removed the kidney by mistake

Woman removed the kidney by mistakeA serious mistake was made by the doctors from Staffordshire. Because of incorrect diagnosis 62-year-old Carol Appleton lost kidney and experienced severe stress. After the survey, British women were diagnosed with kidney cancer, and the tumor seemed big enough. Three weeks after surgery to remove kidney, miss Appleton learned that suffers only urolithiasis, and no tumors were found. The doctors who treated the woman, fully admitted his guilt and promised to compensate for the losses. "I went to son in Blackpool, as he did not know if I will be able to see him again. Читать полностью -->

Russia is finally tightened requirements for labeling products"mutants""

Russia is finally tightened requirements for labeling productsSanitary Russian authorities have tightened requirements for the labelling of foods containing genetically modified components. "On June 1, Russian genetically modified products containing 0.9% or more genetically modified components must be labeled on the label," said the Federal service of the Russian Federation for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare. "So consumers get accurate information about the production technology, quality and safety of foods derived from genetically modified sources," said service. The decision about the new threshold for mandatory labelling was signed by the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. Now food products containing the recipe to 5% genetically modified components, is not subject to labelling. ITAR-TASS. Читать полностью -->

going back to natural remedies?

going back to natural remedies?New German thromboprophylaxis drugs based on the saliva of bats. They will be more useful and effective than the existing methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These drugs have shown promising results in clinical trials on people who have just suffered a stroke. Birgit Jansen from the Aachen-based Company Paion GmbH, today announced the results of the second phase of these clinical trials in the journal Stroke. Developers of a new drug, say the new drug causes less bleeding and can be applied much later after he had been a stroke than you would do when using drugs of previous generations. New medicine - Desmoteplase is a recombinant form antivertigo protein found in the saliva of a bat Desmodus rotundus, which is a vampire and feeds on the blood of cattle, horses and donkeys in the tropical regions of South and Central America. Читать полностью -->

Americans have learned how to identify pain in schizophrenics

Americans have learned how to identify pain in schizophrenicsAmerican scientists from Gradskova University have developed a method of assessing the effectiveness of drug treatment of schizophrenia. A group of researchers under the leadership of Robert Mackarel (Robert W. McCarley) found that symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with large changes in wave activity of the brain. And with the normalization of the EEG readings and improves the clinical picture. The study involved 20 healthy volunteers and the same number of patients with schizophrenia people. All participants of the experiment, the researchers were asked to look at the pictures, which depicts a cut out circles with a segment action figures, like the character of the old computer game "PAC-man". Читать полностью -->

Roshal considers a step back, the decision on the introduction of General practitioners

Roshal considers a step back, the decision on the introduction of General practitionersDirector of the research Institute of emergency children's surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal considers a huge step back, the decision on the introduction in Russia of General practitioners. General practitioners in the cities cannot replace the pediatrician or other narrow specialist - this is a huge step backwards," said Roshal, which in London is taking part in the forum of European leaders. "In the cities to break the current structure of medical care is not justified nor economic, nor social, nor from a medical point of view," said the doctor. Thus, according to him, in remote areas and rural areas, the practice of implementing General practitioners can be successful. "If children are few, if any, patients are few and there is no sense to keep many narrow specialists , here there and need to plant General practitioners," said the doctor. According to Roshal, he regularly studies the system of medical care abroad, talking with doctors, in particular, in the UK, where GP (English acronym for "general practitioner - GP) is the most developed. Читать полностью -->

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